Mitchell School District


Section I - Instruction

IB                         Freedom of Expression

IBDJA                    Relations with Home-Schooled Students

IC/ICA                 School Year/School Calendar

IF                         Curriculum Development

IGAEB                  Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention and Health Education

IGAEC                  Anabolic Steroids and Performance Enhancing Substances

IGAI                     Human Sexuality, AIDS/HIV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Health Education

IGBA                    Students and Disabilities

IGBAB/JO             Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities

IGBAB/JO-AR         Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities Management

IGBAC                  Special Education-Personnel Development

IGBAF                   Special Education-Participation in Regular Education

IGBAF-AR               Special Education-IEP Development

IGBAG                  Special Education-Procedural Safeguards

IGBAI                    Special Education-Private Schools

IGBAI-AR                Special Education-Private School Procedures

IGBAJ                    Special Education-Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)

IGBAJ-AR                Special Education-FAPE Safeguards

IGBB                     Talented and Gifted Program

IGBBA                   Talented and Gifted Identification

IGBC                    Title I-Parent Involvement

IGBC-AR                Title I-Parent Involvement Planning

IGBG                    Homebound Instruction

IGBHA                  Alternative Education Programs

IGBHB                   Establishment of Alternative Education Programs

IGBHB-AR               Establishment of Alternative Education Programs Procedures

IGBHC                   Alternative Education Notification

IGBHD                   Program Exemptions

IGBHE                   Expanded Options Programs

IGBI                      Second Language

IGCD                    Advanced College Placement/Dual Enrollment

IGCD-AR                Non-Successful Completion of College Course Credits

IGDB                     Student Publications

IGDF                     Student Fund Raising Activities

IGDG                    Student Body Financial Accounts

IHGA                    Alternative Instructional Programs

IIA                        Instructional Resources/Materials

IIABB                    Use of Feature Films/Videos in the School

IIBGA/GBP           Electronic Communication System

IICA                      Field Trips and Special Events

IICA-AR                 Overnight Trip Procedures

IICC                     Volunteers

IICC-AR                 Volunteer Procedures

IIGBA                    Computer Use

IIGBA-AR                Access to Electronic Information, Services and Network

IK                         Academic Achievement

IKA                       Grading System

IKAB                     Student Progress Reports to Parents

IKE                        Promotion and Retention of Students

IKF                        Graduation Requirements

IKF-AR                    Graduation Requirement Procedures

IKFA                      Early and Delayed Graduation

IKFA-AR                  Early and Delayed Graduation Procedures

IKFAB                    Graduation Schedule

IKH                       Credit for Proficiency

IL                          Assessment Program

INDB                    Flag Displays and Salutes