Mitchell School District


Section J - Students

JB                             Equal Educational Opportunity

JBA                           Sexual Harassment of Students

JBA/GBN-AR             Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

JE                             Attendance

JEA                           Compulsory Attendance

JEA-AR                       Compulsory Attendance Procedures

JEC                           Admissions

JECA                         Admission of Resident Students

JECB                         Admission of Non-Resident Students

JECB-AR                    Admission of Non-Resident Students Procedures

JECBA                       Admission of Exchange Students

JECBA-AR                  Admission of Exchange Students Procedures

JECBD                       Homeless Students

JECBD-AR                  Homeless Students Guidelines

JECDA                      Transcript Evaluation

JECDA-AR                  Transcript Evaluation Procedures

JECF                         Interdistrict Transfer of Resident Students

JED                           Student Absences and Excuses

JEDA                         Truancy

JEFA                          Closed Campus

JF/JFA                       Student Rights and Responsibilities

JFC                           Student Conduct

JFCA                         Student Dress and Grooming

JFCEB                       Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media

JFCEB-AR                   Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media Procedures

JFCF                         Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Cyberbullying/Teen Dating                                          Violence-Students

JFCF-AR                     Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Cyberbullying/Teen Dating                                          Violence-Students Complaint Procedures

JFCFA/GBNAA          Cyberbullying

JFCFA/GBNA-AR        Complaint Procedures

JFCG                        Tobacco-Free Environment

JFCG/JFCH/JFCI        Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs

JFCG/JFCH/JFCI-AR    Drug Prevention Program and Student Drug Testing Procedures

JFCJ                          Weapons in the Schools

JFG                          Student Searches

JG                            Student Discipline

JGAB                        Use of Restraint and Seclusion

JGD                          Suspension

JGDA/JGEA               Discipline of Disabled Students

JGE                           Expulsion

JGE-AR                      Expulsion Hearing Procedures

JGEA                         Alternative Education Programs

JH                             Threats of Violence

JHA                           Student Insurance

JHAA                         Local Wellness Policy

JHCA/JHCB               Immunization, Physical Examination and Vision Screening Exam

JHCC                        Communicable Diseases

JHCCA                      Students-HIV, AIDS and HBV

JHCCF                       Pediculosis (Head Lice)

JHCCF-AR                   Pediculosis Procedures

JHCDA                       Prescription Medications

JHCDA-AR                  Prescription Medications Procedures

JHCG                        Dealing with Students Having HIV, AIDS, or HBV

JHFD                          Student Vehicle Use

JHFE                           Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse

JHFF                           Reporting Requirements Regarding Sexual Conduct with Students

JN                             Student Fees, Fines and Charges

JOA                           Directory Information

JOB                            Personally Identifiable Information