Mitchell School District


Section G - Personnel

GAA                             Personnel Definitions

GAB                             Job Descriptions

GBA                             Equal Employment Opportunity

GBC                             Staff Ethics

GBC-AR                         Staff Ethics Procedures

GBCB                           Classroom Teacher Responsibilities

GBEBA                          Staff-HIV, AIDS, and HBV

GBEBC/JHCC/EBBA       Infection Control-HIV, AIDS, and HBV

GBED                            Drug-Free Workplace

GBEDA                          Drug and Alcohol Testing-Transportation Personnel

GBEDA-AR                      Drug and Alcohol Testing-Transportation Personnel*

GBK                               Tobacco Use

GBLA                             Disclosure of Information

GBM                             Staff Complaints

GBM-AR                         Staff Complaints Procedure

GBN                             Sexual Harassment of Staff

GBN/JBA                       Sexual Harassment

GBNA                            Hazing, harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Menacing,

                                     Cyberbullying Complaint Procedures for Staff

GBNAA/JFCFA                Cyberbullying

GC                                Licensed Staff Positions

GCA                              License Requirements

GCAB                            Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media-Staff

GCBDC/GDBDC             Domestic Violence/Harassment/Sexual Assault/Stalking Leave

GCBDD/GDBDD              Sick Time

GCDA/GDDA                 Criminal Records Checks/Fingerprinting

GCDA/GDDA-AR             Criminal Records Checks/Fingerprinting Procedures

GCL                                Staff Development

GCN/GDN                     Evaluation of Staff