The mission statement of the Mitchell School District is to empower students as
effective problem solvers, lifelong learners and productive members in a global society.

Welcome to our school and community!

    We hope you will find our website helpful for information and communication. Even though we are increasingly using technology, it is still OK to call us on the telephone or stop by the school.
    We have a lot to be proud of at Mitchell School. Our dedicated staff of six classroom teachers and support staff of ten welcome our students daily for quality instruction and guidance to meet their diverse learning needs.
     Our on-campus boarding residence for high school students brings a unique flavor to the school. With international exchange students from six countries plus a mix of students from across Oregon, Washington and Nevada, the boarding students bring their worldly perspectives to our small town in Central Oregon. Be a frequent visitor to our webpage and school. It is OUR school.

Nancy Moon, Superintendent/Principal


             Eagle Logger Track and Field
Date                Meet                                    Place                    Time
Fri. 3/17    Condon                        Condon        2/3:30
Tu.  4/4     Small School Inv.          John Day     3:30/4
Sat. 4/8     Dick Horyna Inv.           Stanfield     10/12
Fri. 4/14    Ranchers' Inv.              Crane          10/12
Tu. 4/18     Small School Inv.         John Day      3:30/4
Fri. 4/28    Condon Inv.                 Condon         12/2
Sat. 4/29   Sherman Inv.               Moro            11/1
Sat. 5/6    Arlington Inv.               Arlington       10/12:30
Sat. 5/13   District                        Moro            10:30/1
Th.  5/18   State                   Eugene U of O        TBA
Fri. 5/19    State                  Eugene U of O         TBA

Missoula Children's Theatre Visit April 10-14:
With the assistance of grants from the Bank of the Cascades and Wheeler County Community Schools, all Mitchell students will have the opportunity to be in MCT's production of "Rupunzel".  Every student who wants to be in the play will get a role.  Rehearsals during the school day and evenings. The two performances will be on Friday April 14th 1:30 and 6:30 PM.

Cara Filler - Youth Motivational Speaker and Prevention Specialist:
Thursday, April 20th Cara Filler will speak at Condon High School Gymnasium at 10:15 A.M..  Our students in grades 7-12 will be leaving on the bus at 8:30 A.M to go to Condon for this assembly.  Cara is driven to inspire and share her powerful positive leadership and prevention programs with more than 2 million people in 5 countries!   She empowers students, teachers, parents and complete strangers to make everyday choices count. The community is welcome to attend this event.
(Sponsored by SAFE (Suicide Awareness for Everyone), Condon Chamber of Commerce, Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Intervention (CAMI) Fund, Condon and Arlington School District.  Thank you to all our sponsors for their generous support!)











 Photo by Jason Miller

Hear the podcast produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting about the school dorm:

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